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    Hiteg sponsors open source projects. The funding for projects comes out of customer requests or are funded solely by Hiteg ltd.

    If you are interested in adopting one of our listed projects, please contact us at adoptionYou do not have to own one of our boards to participate. For board specific changes Hiteg will provide needed hardware free of charge. However, we'll check first if your changes/updates are fit for porting.


    If you have an idea or need for an open source project or port, please let us know, we'll add it to this list add OrphantWe'll add your input immediately. Please also say if you'd be interested in sponsoring and how much you would be willing to give. Hiteg will either let you contact one of our freelancers directly or we will act as middle man ( free of charge ). However please be aware that we do this for open source projects, only. Closed source projects will not benefit from our services.


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    Step 1: extent u-boot to the ability to write WinCE 5/6 eBoot to

    NAND Flash and be able to start it. This might need changes in the BSP itself as positions of TOC, etc might change.

    Step 2: extent u-boot to eliminate eBoot and:

    1. read/write/update TOC,
    2. read/write/update TOC content, like PowerControl, MAC, etc.
    3. Set/Unset KITL,
    4. write/update NK.bin,
    NONE open
    DirectFB Extent directFB with either OpenGLES Hardware Library support or 2D Hardware acceleration ( bitblit) support using Hiteg's Kernel module for 2D. NONE open



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