Proper usage for touchscreen connectors

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We would like to show you how to properly connect and unconnect a 4pin touchscreen cable to its connector while avoiding to damage your product.  This How-to applies to any product listed within the following requirements.



4pin Touchscreen Connector

4pin Touchscreen Connector

Step 1: Removing a cable from its connector

1.1 Using the thumb and index finger, gently grab the black actuator on both its sides and pull it outwards parallel to the PCB as shown in the below image.  

Proper touchscreen connector usage

1.2 Pull 4pin touchscreen cable straight out away from its connector.

Proper touchscreen connector usage

Step 2: Pluging in the cable into its connector

Follow the previous steps in a reverse order and fashion.

2.1 Bring the 4pin touchscreen cable, parallel to the PCB, and into the opened connector.

2.2 With both index fingers holding the back of the connector, carefully push in the connector's black actuator in with both thumbs while ensuring that the cable remains perpendicular to the connector.


You are now able to properly plug in and remove the 4pin touchscreen cable from its connector.



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