Why Hiteg gives full WinCE but limitied Linux support, only


We here at Hiteg made the decision to stop supporting Linux on our devices beyond the boot-loader and Kernel support. Hiteg will not deliver a rootfs anymore, this will be up to the user to create, maintain it. We suggest as an alternative to look at pengutronix, which do an excuisite job over there. Far better than we could possible ever do.

The second reason is, that we believe, that there is a reason why you bought an ARM11 CPU with 2D/3D acceleration and various other accelerators embedded. The mainline Linux Kernel does not feature those device drivers. And we are not permitted to put them inside and release them to the public as the Copyright are bond to SAMSUNG, which seems to not wish to release them under GPL. Our released Kernel features all those devices, which also makes it very difficult and tidious to maintain it over each Kernel iteration. As most of our customers like to stick with a kernel once its working for them, we are facing a tail of kernels we have to support over the time. And in the past including the rootfs. Questions raised than are like, "I upgraded to QT x.x and it does not work as expected, what do I wrong?", "Webkit under directfb 1.x doesn't work anymore once I upgraded directfb to version 1.y". Customers seems to expect that we have to give support at this point and threaten us to write bad reviews on their blogs if we don't comply. 

As Linux is a powerful operating system were new features are comming out every three month, the porting affords, which have to be taken from our side are in no releation to a) the units price, b) the manpower needed to do and maintain each kernel.  

Our devices go to >90% into industrial products, medical or other industries. Less than 1% of our customes choose our devices for self education or hobbiest / Open Source projects. The support questions raised are to 80% from the hobbiest and 20% from the industry. We have to decide for whom we should spend our free support time.


We sincerely hope that you can understand our point of view. We apologize up front for any conveniences we might have caused upon you.


With Best Regards


Your Hiteg Team





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