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HITEG Limited, established in March of 2005 in Haikou, Hainan as Haikou Hai Fan Koeji Gong Zi, is a privately held international company focused on embedded technology. HITEG has accumulated much experience in a variety of IT engineering disciplines and is capable of providing custom hardware design services with expertise covering many processors (especially ARM micro controllers) according to customer requirements and OEM/ODM production service.

HITEG has built a global service platform to work closely with our customers. We have our headquarter in HaiKou, HaiNan and R&D, Sales branch in Shenzhen, China. HITEG insists on a simple business model: to offer customers high-performance, best quality and service with low cost.

In January 2011 Hiteg bought a substancial share of MOTA-SZ, a PCB assembling factory dedicated to low to mid-sized productions with highest demands in quality. Hiteg's and MOTA's main customers are government related but also extent to automotive and medical equipment manufacturers. Please see our service section for more info.

We are the best fit for the production of pre-production units, as our technical-processes are open and can be adjusted on project base. Our ideal customer requests 500 to 10.000 units/month, with high demands on tests and verifications.


Our team


CEO:  Wu JinHai, Chinese

CPO/DIR: Wu JianFang, Chinese

Sales Manager: Wen Ke Ming, Chinese

Logistics: Wang Deng Liu, Chinese

Electronic Engineers:

  • Xiang Hui Wen, Chinese
  • Wen Huang Xi, Chinese
  • Mai Wen Ping, Chinese


  • Qu Mao Wen, Chinese
  • Hong Dao, Chinese




HITEG provides embedded hardware, Single Board Computer, Educational kits, etc. HITEG offers professional custom board design service to help customers realize their own design fast at competitive rates. Hiteg has gained much experience in developing embedded applications and customers can leverage our experience to increase their own productivity. HITEG provides solutions for embedded systems up to contract manufacturing. Hiteg products undergo thorough testing and volume production conforms to RoHS. HITEG provides custom electronic design services for the embedded industry to help companies develop new products and enhance existing ones. We provide detailed design and implementation in the form of high performance circuit board design and as experts in terms of system architecture we provide:

  • system development services
  • product development
  • production support for application areas like:
    • industrial
    • wired and wireless networking
    • and other

Whether you need hardware platform development or a complete turnkey design up to mass production status with production service, please ask us.




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