Bringing the digital, to material.

Tired of looking around for someone to make you a PCB, or, hoping you can do it yourself without ruining EVERYTHING?  Well..

Hiteg assembly factory - solder paste screening

Picture 1: SMD line 1 and 2, our AVI-system front right. Capacity per line 25.000 units/day 


We at Hiteg are proud to advertise that we offer PCB assembling services in our factory. Hiteg bought a substantial share of MOTA-SZ in January 2011 to expand its services and further improve its product quality. MOTA-SZ is ISO9000:140000 (displays certification in new Window) certificated and its processes are seamlessly integrated into Hiteg's. With these processes and our professional workflow, we allow our dear clients (YOU) in bringing PCB designs from dreams to reality.  Simply provide to us your PCB design Gerber/CAD/EDA files, and we will create the PCBs, obtain the components, assemble the components to the PCB at ISO9000 quality standards, and test the results ensuring and providing you with clean, flawless, and fully operational PCBs. 

Sounds nice, doesn't it?    It is, but there's more..


If you already have a designed or completed enclosure and would like your PCB customized for it, no problem, just say so and send us the enclosure dimensions (PDF) with your specifications alongside your PCB design files.


If you have any questions or would like pricing information, just send us your project details to receive a quotation, free of charge, today! *Services for leaded PCBs are not offered

Hiteg assembly factory - various steps for the assembly process of custom boards

Picture 2: front view of SMD line 1 and 2

Hiteg assembly factory - Surface Mount Device

Picture 3: one of our Pick And Place, made by YAMAHA

Hiteg assembly factory - reflow soldering

Picture 4: DIP/manual solder (left), wave solder oven (middle), DIP start (far right)

Hiteg assembly factory - burning special test software onto board, here MINI2440v2

Picture 5: QA, first functional tests, with Hiteg test app or Customer provided software.

Hiteg assembly factory - QA

Picture 6: Hiteg's mass install area, where WinCE or Linux are installed, here MINI2440v2


ISO9000:140000 as PDF (opens in a new Window )


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