The MINI2440 is a 100% RoHS and ISO9000:14000 certified product. PSU with CE/UL certificate. 400MHz, 64MB SDRam and 128MB, 256MB or 1GB NAND Flash, 2MB NOR Flash

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we are currently out of stock. Please use TenByTen6410 as a replacement.

The MINI2440v2 is  100% RoHS conform. The PowerSupply is CE and UL certified and also 100% RoHS compliant. All certifications are available on request. 

In the last two years the MINI2440 has grown in popularity amongst engineers, students, and the like. It has undergone changes and thus whereas formerly known as MINI2440 is now the improved and better MINI2440v2! 

Compared to the classic MINI2440, the MINI2440v2 is improved in both hardware experience and software performance. 

On the hardware part
• the adjusted hardware design on the MINI2440v2 makes it easy to change components, like the Flash, SDram, displays, etc.
• reported "weak" components like the I2C are now better supported in HW
• a “clever” display adapter is now implemented, allowing additional devices to be connected easily
• more add-on cards are to be developed;
• most components and the form factor remain the same as those on the MINI2440

On the software part

WinCE 5.0/6.0
Linux 2.6.3x is available at


  • One MINI2440v2 Development board
  • One Power adapter (EUR/US styled plug)
  • One USB cable
  • One crossover Ethernet cable
  • One Serial cable


    Please find all files from the DVD for download

    • WinCE 6 YES
    • WinCE 5.0 YES
    • RAM type SDRam 3.3V
    • RAM 64MB
    • NOR 2MB
    • NAND 128MB, 256MB, 1GB
    • Linux-2.6.3x YES
    • Length 100mm
    • LCD I/F 3.3V and 5V RGB I/F
    • JTAG on board
    • GPIOs 26 pins, 4 analog in, CLK out
    • Ethernet 10/100MBit
    • CPU type ARM9
    • CPU speed 400MHz
    • CPU SAMSUNG S3C2440
    • Camera I/F 8Bit, IIC control
    • Buzzer 5V
    • BUS 16Bit Data, 7bit Address, DMA
    software Debian Bootstrap for ARMEL

    Explains how to setup and build a debian distribution for ARMEL CPUs, like SAMSUNGS S3C2440 as found on the MINI2440 as well as for SAMSUNGs S3C6410 SOC found on Hitegs TenByTen6410


    hardware Assembling the MINI2440 or TenByTen6410 board into the Plastic Enclosure for MegaDisplay 7S

    Instructions on how to assemble the MINI2440, MINI2440v2, or TenByTen6410 into Hiteg's Plastic Enclosure for MegaDisplay 7S


    hardware Proper usage of a touchscreen connector

    A step-by-step tutorial instructing you how to properly connect a touchscreen's 4pin cable into its display controller PCB's connector.


    hardware Proper usage of an LCD connector

    A detailed article instructing you how to properly connect an FFC into an LCD connector with the necessary precautions to take.


    software Unleash the power of the TenByTen6410

    The TenByTen6410 is a power house, no question.
    However, coming from the MINI2440(v2) the visual effects and performance are not “earth shaking” as expected or hoped for.
    Are you one of those users who feels disappointed by the graphical performance?
    Do you want to know what you have done wrong in the past and now?


    software Install WinCE6R3 to NAND Flash

    A detailed, step-by-step tutorial in how to install WinCE6R3 from a SD-Card to SLC and MLC NAND


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