Plastic Enclosure & MegaDisplay 7S

Black enclosure which can house the MINI2440v2 or TenByTen6410. It includes MegaDisplay 7S with Touchscreen, FriendlyARMs LCD connector Adapter. The Enclosure features a MIS-D 75 VESA mount compatibility.  Solid, simple, and easy to use. 

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Hiteg has taken the time to design and manufacture its very own unique plastic enclosure with Innolux 7inch (800x480px) dislay. It hosts your choice of development board, i.e.: the MINI2440, MINI2440v2, or TenByTen6410 development board. The design focuses on simplicity, and ease of use with its full I/O port integration, easy touch power button, compatibility with MIS-D 75 (75x75mm) VESA stands for wall mounting solutions, and to mention a sturdy 2mm wall thickness and an intuitive design. The base is designed to allow a visually pleasing cable and peripheral arrangement as its design offers a wide and spacious area near the connection ports.

Enclosure port wings offer great room for your peripheral devices.

The satin smooth surface finish creates a classy appearence with a modest gloss to ensure that your application will always be in the center of interest.  The top and back shell are designed to be symetrical allowing you to choose which side you want, for which connectors.

The integrated power PCB and button allow you to easily switch on and off the MINI or the TenByTen6410 by using the power connector found on either boards. A four pin cable for the MINI is included.

For a full tutorial on how to assemble a development board and display into this enclosure, visit the above " How-To's " tab.  You may also find the mechanical drawing under the above " Download " tab.


UPDATEIt is now possible to order the enclosure in any color you like, just leave us a Pantone color. We have a minimum order quantity of 50 pieces, no extra costs needed. In the same run, you can get for just two dollars more, a conductive cupper paint on the inside for EMI shielding. You can set regions where you do not want it, for WiFi or other RF signals to pass through.


  • One Plastic Enclosure for MegaDisplay 7S with MIS-D 75 VESA mount compatibility (75x75mm)
  • Innolux 7inch 800x480px display with resistive touch screen and stylus
  • MINI2440 LCD Adapter PCB ( not needed for MINI2440v2 and TenByTen6410)
  • Power PCB and cable set for MINI and TenByTen6410
  • Four screws to mount the MINI2440(v2) and TenByTen6410 into the back shell
  • Eight screws to mount the MegaDisplay 7 onto the front shell
  • Eight screws to fasten back and front shell together
    • Height 47.5mm
    • Length 241.0mm
    • Width 178.0mm

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